Spotlight 2 – Lila Dubois Winner!

The winner of this week’s Spotlight prize is RAIN. Lila will be in touch with you. The next Spotlight will go live on Sunday, July 5 and features my critique partner, Rhian Cahill. The contest will run until July 10. Be sure to get your comments in to be eligible to win!
Lila normally lives in Hollywood, which provides an endless supply of exciting evenings and writing ideas, but is currently terrorizing a sleepy little town in Surrey, England. She’s moved in with her shiny new fiance.  
Having spent extensive time in France, Egypt and Turkey, Lila speaks five languages, none of them (including English) fluently.
Lila has yet to look the correct way when crossing the street in England and family and friends are taking bets on when she will be hit by a car.
You can contact Lila by emailing author @ (no spaces.)
Lila’s latest book with Red Sage, Kitsune, is available now. You can check it out here.

  “Kitsune” by Lila Dubois

On the anniversary of Joe’s mother’s death he breaks his own rules and has a one night stand with an exotic stranger. Sakura is unlike any woman Joe’s ever met: smart, beautiful, and very quirky. That’s because Sakura isn’t like any woman he’s know before–she’s not human. Sakura’s a kitsune, a mystical Japanese fox who can take on the form of a woman, on a mission: help Joe discover his Japanese heritage and make peace with his past. They didn’t say anything about falling in love with him…
To read about all of Lila’s books, visit her website.

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  2. By Karen H in NC on

    Hi Lila,

    Congratulations on being this week’s Spotlight Author. I haven’t read your work yet, but I hope to soon!

  3. By Melissa Conatser on

    I haven’t read any of Lila’s work, but by looking at her site, I think I need to! What wonderful covers on all of your books!

  4. By delitealex on

    I haven’t read any of lila work yet but I’m looking forward to. Kitsune sounds like a good read.

  5. By Miranda on

    Lila’s book sound like they explore more than the usual – I’m interested to ready about the Japanese heritage and the Kitsune… and “Calling the Wild” with the centaur character has caught my eye as well!!

  6. By loretta on

    I heard that Kitsune is a great read.

  7. By Rain on

    I don’t remember any other recent kitsune stories. Intriguing.

  8. By Chris J. on

    Hi Lila and Congrats on being in the spotlight this week! 🙂
    I haven’t read any of your books yet but I look forward to doing so! Love the covers!
    England wow, loved it there when I went for a visit! Hope you have a Fab-tastic Time!

  9. By Carol L. on

    Kitsune sounds very interesting. Congrats on being in the Author’s spotlight. I haven’t read any books by you yet Lila, but I will soon.
    Carol L.

  10. By Karin on

    Wow, the excerpt for Kitsune is fantastic. Sounds like it will be a very interesting read.

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