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As some of you may or may not know, I’ve joined forces with a group of pals to create a blog we call International Heat. The ladies in this group are probably the best support system any struggling writer could ever hope to call friends. We are mainly authors, but we’ve also got an editor, a cover artist and a book reviewer in our midst. Today we’re hosting a bit of an excerpt smorgasbord over on the Romance Excerpts Only yahool group. One of the gals wrote up an intro to our work and I thought I’d share it here as well as the link to our blog–simply click on the IH banner above and it will take you right there.

Vivian Arend (Western Canada)
Wolf Signs
Soul Deep** June Release!!

Rhian Cahill (Singapore)
One Night in Bangkok

Mari Carr (Virginia, USA)
Erotic Research
Kiss Me Kate
Tequila Truth
Covert Lessons
Sugar and Spice
Everything Nice** June Release!!
No Recourse

Jess Dee (Australia)
Ask Adam
Photo Opportunity
Boys Down Under
A Question of Trust
Only Tyler
Steve’s Story**New Release

Lila Dubois (England)
Sealed with a Kiss
Lights, Camera…Monsters
My Fair Monster
Calling the Wild***New Release Today!

Jambrea Jo Jones (Indiana, USA)
One Touch, One Glance
Runaway Man

Jayne Rylon (Ohio, USA)
Nice and Naughty
Dream Machine** New Release!
Picture Perfect


That’s 30 books!!

And the Coming Soon List? 14 already contracted. That’s not counting Rhian’s shoe-in trio of coyote’s, Lila’s next Monster, etc…


June Releases:
23-Today!! Calling the Wild by Lila Dubois

– No Regrets by Mari Carr
21- Tidal Wave by Vivian Arend

Learning Curve– Print Anthology of Erotic Research and Tequila Truth by Mari Carr
5- Three’s Company- Print Anthology by Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon, Lorelie James
10- Scoring by Mari Carr
18- Because of You by Mari Carr

Rocky Mountain Heat by Vivian Arend

Wolf Flight by Vivian Arend
Silar Book 1: Unseen Path by Jambrea Jo Jones

The Night is Darkest by Jane Rylon

Stories that are coming soon with no set release dates (within the next 6 months):
Semper Fi: Magus by Jambrea Jo Jones
Bondage Betrayal by Lila Dubois
Spitfire by Mari Carr

And we’ve got more in the works as well!!

We hope you come to visit us at International Heat, http://internationa lheat.wordpress. com/

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