Staying Home contest winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated and left such nice comments. The winner is Amy T. Your copy of Sugar and Spice is on the way!

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  1. By Natasha A. on

    I was soooo excited when I saw that you were doing this. Then I came over and saw…I have everything!! lol I just haven’t had a chance to read it all….

  2. By Jambrea on

    I want the all! Okay…I already have them all, but I had to comment. heehee

    And Natasha…that is because Mari ROCKS it like a rock star! lol 🙂

  3. By Natasha A. on

    😀 She could always sweeten the pot by throwing in an eARC 😀 LOL
    She does rock!!

  4. By Rhonda on

    Natasha, I’m the same, I already have them all too! I like the idea about the eARC. I also agree that Mari ROCKS!!!

  5. By Cathy M on

    Hi Mari, you are a doll! I have a couple of your titles still on my wish list, and would love to read Sugar and Spice.

  6. By Val Pearson on

    Whooooohooooo! Thanks so much for the contest. I would love to read Kiss Me Kate, that book looks sooooooo good

  7. By Afshan N on

    ME!ME! I Love Your Work Mari!!!
    One of yours that’s on my TBB list that I’d love to win is Tequila Truth.
    Thanks for the cool Contest.

  8. By Allison on

    Hi Mari, thanks for the fun. Would love Kiss Me Kate if I’m the lucky one. Have a great week!

  9. By Sharon M on

    Hi Mari,
    I don’t have all of your books yet. The book that is currently on my list to be brough is Sugar and Spice

  10. By Connie B on

    Hi Mari and everyone! I would love to win Sugar and Spice. something about that cover does something to me. it’s really Hot and turns me on for some reason.the expert sounds HOT too! I read Covert Lessons and LOVED it, Mari. Thanks for the contest.

  11. By Fedora on

    I’d love to win Retreat 🙂 Thanks for the contest–it makes it so much more fun to be home this week! And belated congrats on your finaling and on your new contract!

  12. By Sandie on

    Great contest Mari!!! I love your books and the word pictures that you draw so very well. But I am still missing a couple of your books. GASP!

    I would love to have Sugar and Spice. It looks super HAWT!!!


  13. By Raonaid Luckwell on

    LOL at Natasha

    Oooh decisions decisions decisions!! Retreat looks good along with the others

  14. By Jennifer L on

    I just realized that with the exception of Retreat, I have everything else! So Retreat it is.

  15. By Claudia on

    Close your eyes and choose one. I never can make up my mind.

  16. By Greta on

    Awesome contest Mari – I think I’m going to have to go with Retreat. BDSM, Menage, secret past – what more can you ask for.

  17. By Reba on

    Hi Mari..this is such a nice contest..too bad for me that I already have all your books.

  18. By Amy S. on

    I have all of your available books and read them all. You are a great writer and I loved all the books.

  19. By Caffey on

    I have them all, hehe so don’t count me in. But any you pick winners, you’re in for a treat!

  20. By Sheila Gallagher on

    They all sound good. It’s hard to choose. How about Erotic Research? Thanks for the contest.

  21. By Karin on

    What a great contest. Definitely makes staying at home seem more fun. I’ll have to go with choosing Tequila Truth.

  22. By Rasha on

    Tequila Truth please and thank you. Yes this is a great contest, thanks for taking the time to organize it 🙂

  23. By Deb on

    Mari, hi darlin’ hope you are having a fun time. This is a awesome contest. I let Bob pick the book we would choose.
    He chosed “Retreat”. We have all but 2 of your books. You are a fabulous author to read together with as a couple.


  24. By Mari Carr on

    I had no idea there were so many fantastic folks who’ve read all my books. Mwah! I love you gals.

    I’m going to throw everybody’s name into the hat and for the readers who have all my other books, I’ll send a copy of Everything Nice when it’s released on June 3. That’s only about a month away so hopefully it won’t be too long to wait for a prize.

    Thanks to everyone for entering. I’ve enjoyed your comments!

  25. By Maggie J on

    Thanks for having the contest.I have several of your books and love them.I would love Kiss Me, Kate.

  26. By Liz C on

    I would love to win Retreat, it sounds so good.

  27. By Tabatha B on

    Wow great contest. All your stories are steamy but I like the one with a bit of ice, so I would have to pick ‘Erotic Research’.

    Best of luck everyone!

  28. By Cynthya on

    I haven’t read all your books yet (I’m working on it–LOL) and would love to read Retreat. Thanks for the contest!

  29. By Tameka Green on

    Oh this is such a great contest hope I win and good luck to evryone. I would so enjoy winning Covert Lessons the excerpt sounds so hot. Lol

  30. By Sherry on

    I would love to have Kiss Me Kate! What an awesome contest. Thanks! 🙂

  31. By Amy T on

    Hi Mari – I’d like to win Sugar and Spice. Sounds like a hot read. I’d rather be *that* kind of “hot” than the humid heat in FL. Gotta look on the bright side of NOT being at RT!

  32. By Julie on

    Hi Mari,
    I would have to go with Erotic Research. I mean, with the heroine’s name being so close to mine and her romance writer’s writing block . . . well, let’s just say I can relate!!

  33. By Audra on

    I would love to have Sugar And Spice… looking forward to reading RETREAT

  34. By april on

    this is so great love to win Tequila Truth 🙂

  35. By Kim S. on

    Oooo, the only one I don’t have is Kiss Me, Kate!!

    Just finished Retreat and OMG!! What an AWESOME book!! LOVED it!! Mmmm, Night…Night!!

  36. By Renee Cryer on

    Thank you goodness for the reminder because I thought i had already responded to this… I would love a copy of Sugar and Spice…that would rock!!
    Hope you are have a gret day I am going to be working today myself 🙂

  37. By jayzee on

    Hi Mari,
    I loved Erotic Research.
    It’s hard to pick only one from the rest of yours, but Covert Lessons would be my choice 🙂

  38. By Rose London on

    I would be happy with any of your books. I love to read romance novels. Now I’m into the Erotic ones. lol.

  39. By BOB on

    Mari, I wanted to post to you but not enter the contest, Deb entered all ready.
    I wanted to say how much we enjoy reading your books. You capture the heart and soul of your characters, and have the readers feeling every emotion. That is the makings of a talented top 10 author.
    Cheers, to many more years of success.


  40. By Christiana on

    Thank you for thinking of those of us who cannot get to Florida! I would love a copy of Tequila Truth. I found it the other day at Samhain Publishing and was waiting for payday.

  41. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    Wow! Just popped on and I can’t believe all the responses to the contest. And such sweet comments. Bob–I teared up a bit at yours. You and Deb are such an inspiration to a hopeless romantic like myself! Good luck everybody–compiling names to put in a hat right now.

  42. By Brandy W on

    Wow Erotic Research looks great. Totally going to have to get that now after reading that excerpt.

  43. By Amy T on

    Thanks so much, Mari! Next sync to the Palm TX I’ll be reading it. I saw you have Everything Nice coming out in June. I’ll be sure to look for that.

  44. By Rhonda Wolf on

    Congrats Amy T. I’m sure you will enjoy it!


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