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I’ve had the question come up several times about whether or not any of my stories are part of a series. The truth of the matter is quite a few of my books are loosely connected, but for the most part, every book is written so that it can be read on its own. I thought I’d explain how some of the stories are connected.

Lowell High School books

Retreat and Covert Lessons both take place in Lowell High School. My free read, Mad about Meg, features another teacher from the school. Meg is mentioned in Covert Lessons quite a  bit–she is Kelly’s best friend. Carly, from Retreat, also gets a brief mention in Covert Lessons. Ellora’s Cave has just accepted my latest free read, Scoring, which also discusses the lives and romance of yet two more teachers from Lowell. Jon and Carly from Retreat and Kelly from Covert Lessons are all mentioned in that short story.

The Madison books

I have finally completed and submitted the sequel to Kiss Me, Kate. It’s called Three Reasons Why and features Jill and Wes and the good people of Madison (anywhere, USA)! Fingers crossed that my editor accepts the story!

June Girls series

This is a true series and, as is so typical of my life, they are out of order! No Recourse and No Regrets have both been accepted by Liquid Silver and I anticipate No Recourse will have a summer release while No Regrets will show up in the fall. I started writing these books over six years ago and the series originally began with the story of Erin in No Return. I wrote myself into a major plot hole on that poor story and dropped it to pick up the next in the series. Book one, No Recourse, is the story of Hayley and Jack and (in my mind) book two! No Regrets is being dubbed book two and is actually the story of the last June Girl to travel back in time! IF I finish No Return, I’ll have to call it the PREQUEL! Totally confused? Yeah, me too! But don’t worry–the stories are definitely written to be read alone and full of adventure and excitement. I love time travel books and I learned loads about the Regency period in England as I researched for my writing.

What Little Girls Like books

Sugar and Spice was released this past week and it’s the first book in a two part series. It’s the story of Ginny and Ryan, best friends who suddenly see each other in a different light after a super-hot night in a BDSM club. The sequel, Everything Nice, is coming out on June 3. It features Ginny’s sister Allie as she hooks up with Ryan’s partners, Charlie and Alex. This book is my first foray into m/m/f. I loved writing it!

The Black & White Collection

Erotic Research and Tequila Truth both delve into the realm of wicked fantasies and though they aren’t connected by similar characters or plot lines, I’ve decided to start a series of these female fantasy books at Samhain. I am currently working on a BDSM red hot novella to add to the series and I’ve got plans for a cougar story, a Dominatrix tale, and an m/m/f. Hopefully there will eventually be a novella to tempt and tillilate everyone!

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