March Madness Winners!


Congratulations to all our winners.


 Erotic Research by Mari Carr



 Becky Ward


If you didn’t win, you can get your own copy here. Erotic Research




Wolf Signs by Viv Arend

And the Winner is……..



If you didn’t win, you can get your own copy here.  Wolf Signs



Sugar and Spice, Mari Carr’s newest story releases from Ellora’s Cave.


And the winner is……..


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  1. By Natasha A. on

    Is there a blurb somewhere for Sugar and Spice…I am pretty sure I have it on my list at home, but I think I need some tempting 😀

  2. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    Oooo Natasha. I definitely want you to be tempted. There is a blurb and excerpt under the S&S page right here on this site. This was a fun one to write!

  3. By Connie Barkowski on

    Congrats to the winners! I would love to win Sugar and Spice. Thanks for the 3rd week Contest Mari and Viv!!

  4. By JenniferY on

    Congrats to the winners!

    This book sounds soooo good. I’d love to enter to win it!

    Congrats on the release!

  5. By Judy Cox on

    I would love to win Sugar and Spice. It sounds and looks fantastic!!!

    Congrats to the other winners!!

  6. By Cathy M on

    Would love to read Sugar and Spice. The excerpt was the perfect blend of wonderfully erotic with a touch of humor, my favorite kind of read.

  7. By Rhonda on

    Thanks, everyone! I’m looking forward to Sugar and Spice. I cannot wait for it to come out.

  8. By Tameka Green on

    Congrats Rhonda!

    I’m adding my name to the pot to try and win Sugar and Spice and the cover is mighty nice. I absolutely love this excert it is so hot. Lol


  9. By Amy S. on

    I just read Erotic Research this month. It was good! Please enter me in the contest, I have read all of your books Mari and loved them.

  10. By Caffey on

    Hi Mari! Am I here at the right place to post for the Wednesday contest? I love your books so thrilled to visit here and here about more books! This is a blast! I went to the site too to see what I missed as well! I do have EROTIC RESEARCH to read so pulling that up to read soon!

    Congrats to the other winners from last week!

  11. By Carol L. on

    Congratulations Rhonda. You are so lucky to win Wolf Signs. 🙂
    I’ll throw my name in for Sugar and Spice too. Good luck all.
    Carol L.

  12. By Lindsey Ekland on

    I have been waiting for this book. Would love to win a copy but planning on buying it no matter what. Next week is only a little ways away.

  13. By Sandie on

    Mari, I adore your books and have been looking forward to this release. They just keep getting hotter and better as you go.


  14. By pamk on

    put my name in the hat for this one. Sounds great.

  15. By Fedora on

    Congrats, Rhonda! And thanks for the contest for Sugar and Spice, Mari–sounds delicious!

  16. By Mina Gerhart on

    I read the blurb & excerpt, WOW!
    It looks like a definite TBR, I LOVE that Ginny sneaks off on her own & gets an eyefull 😉
    PLEASE enter me in the contest.

    Mindy 🙂

  17. By Caffey on

    Thanks and congrats to the winners!!

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