Email update

Last week I wrote about my addiction to email and I thought I’d share a brief update in regards to what I did (and didn’t) get in the email this week! First of all, in case you missed it on the homepage–the cover for Everything Nice showed up. Woo Hoo–this has gotta be my hottest cover yet. I love it and it really fits the story!

I didn’t get my edits for No Regrets yet, but my lovely editor at LS assures me she is working on them. I sent off my revised version of Love’s Recovery to Samhain and received a brief note from my editor saying she will read it as soon as possible. I didn’t get my cover for No Recourse or No Regrets, but I did receive a lovely email from the cover artist assigned to my case (LOL–sounds so FBI-ish!). She is working on them and asked for a blurb, synopsis and excerpt for both books. I love that she’s gathering so much information and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

So for this week, I’m still waiting for those covers, a response on Love’s Recovery and comments from the CPs in regards to the manuscript I just sent them called The Darkest Night. Yep, the email fun never ends!

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