Valentine’s Blog Contest!

Congrats to Kim S. who was the grand prize winner in the blog contest. I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who played! We had lots and lots of wonderful comments!

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Posted February 13, 2009 by Mari Carr in category "Uncategorized


  1. By Kim S. on

    Well…I have yet to find something like THAT on the beach by our cottage!! I’ll have to go down there more to check out the….view….uh….water!! Yea, water…that’s what I meant! hehehe

  2. By Lindsey Ekland on

    Love the eye candy and love everything you have written. Waiting for the sequel to Kiss Me Kate and I need to get Retreat before Sugar and Spice comes out.

  3. By Debbie Tsikuris on

    Oh my, I do love a day at the beach!! Today I’m celebrating my 33rd Wedding Anniversary with the best authors I know.

  4. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    Happy anniversary Debbie! Nothing more romantic than 33 years with the same man!

  5. By Debby Creager on

    This is just getting better and better. I know my dreams are gonna be hot tonight.LOL

  6. By jayzee on

    Apparently I’m going to have to go to the beach more often if there is candy like that there 😛

  7. By cait on

    mmm….i bet he’s all salty from the sea!!! very nice!

  8. By Judy Cox on

    Loved the eye candy!! That is one thing that is better than chocolate.

  9. By Alexis on

    Yummy….I’m loving this idea, you’ll all have to do it again!

  10. By Alanna on

    My sweet tooth is THROBBING! Yummy sexy candy all morning!

  11. By Val Pearson on

    It’s getting a little warm in here! Happy VALentines Day

  12. By Kimmyl on

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
    Wish it would rain some of that here!!!!

  13. By Afshan N on

    MMMMMMMMM…….I cant even get any words out.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  14. By Yvette Davis on

    Okay, you’re not going to believe this, but my hubby wrote this after doing the breakfast dishes:

    Groaning with pleasure, Rocky Woodchuck thrust repeatedly into Matilda. He came roaring, the echoes of culmination reverberating throughout their stony burrow. Afterwards, the tender lover shared a meal of foraged grasses with Matilda.

    In his words – “hey, everybody does it!”


  15. By Becky Ward on

    Loved the picture, thans for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  16. By char on

    I’d love to be on that beach right now.have a happy valentines day Mari.

  17. By viv arend on

    He must be a water shifter….

    Happy V day, Mari!

  18. By Laura K on

    Move over a little please…want to see your package.

  19. By Tina b on

    he is so much better than finding sea shells on the beach~!

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