What’s Happening?!

I have been trying to keep things current on this website, which I admit is a challenge for me. I have an EDJ (actually it’s not so evil–I love it), two teenagers and a hubby who occasionally like to be fed and my neverending need to keep writing stories!

I recently was assigned my new editor at Liquid Silver and I have to say how incredibly welcoming the staff of Liquid Silver has been. I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the ranks of their authors and I’m looking forward to digging into the edits of No Recourse.

Due to popular demand, I am getting my butt in gear and sitting down to write Three Reasons Why. This will be the sequel to Kiss Me, Kate and it will tell Wes and Jill’s love story. I’ve had a number of emails requesting that I write this book (thanks so much) and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the friendly nudges!

Speaking of emails, I’ve received some really lovely messages from readers and I want to tell you how very, very much they mean to me. As a reader, it never really dawned on me to contact an author whose story I enjoyed, but as a writer, I cannot begin to express the absolute joy and gratitude I feel when a reader takes the time to write. Believe me, the next time I read a really good book, I’m writing the author! Just a few kind words from readers and I’ve got a smile on my face for days!

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