Interview, Contract, Release…oh my!

Next week is shaping up to be a biggie in my writing world.

On Jan. 28, I will be the featured author on the Erotic Romance Writers website. An interview I did with them will go live on that day. You can find the interview at

On Jan. 30, Covert Lessons will be released at Ellora’s Cave. You can read a blurb of this story as well as an excerpt on the Covert Lessons page of this site. I’m thrilled to see this story come out. It is a fictionalized account (greatly exaggerated) of things we deal with in the public school system. I’ve been a high school teacher for seventeen years, so I drew on some of the smaller aspects of my day to day life to bring the character of Kelly Finch to life. By the way, I named Ms. Finch after Atticus and Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird, my favorite book of all time!

And finally, the very first book I ever wrote, No Recourse will finally be published. Like most writers, the first novel (aka the learning process book) typically never sees the light of day. I began this story the day I turned thirty-four and had a minor mid-life crisis. I’d always dreamed of writing, but until that point, I’d never seriously put pen to paper. I finally sat down to write the story (the plot idea of time-travel borrowed loosely from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series) of Hayley, a thoroughly modern woman swept back in time to the Regency period. I’m a huge Stephanie Laurens/Lisa Kleypas/Karen Hawkins/Celeste Bradley fan, so Regency England is a particular favorite of mine. As I learned more about writing, I constantly took my new knowledge back to this story. I’ve reworked and rewritten it more times than I can count, but I refused to see these characters resigned to a life under my bed, hidden away with the dust bunnies for all of eternity! Check back and as soon as I’m able I will post a proper blurb and excerpt.

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