Another year ends…

As these last days of December creep by, I find myself reflecting on what I hope to achieve in the coming year. So many of us view the New Year as a time to make changes and improvements in our lives. This year, however, I seem to be looking back as much as forward. 2008 was an amazing year for me.

This time last year I’d completed the edits on Erotic Research and was anxiously awaiting the March release date. I practically wished January and February away as I worried and fretted about how my first book would be received. Since then, I’ve been extremely fortunate to see three more books released (in Sept., Oct., and Nov.) and I’ve signed contracts for two more.

It’s hard to explain how amazing that feels. I’ve spent most of my life aspiring to become a writer. To see so many good things happen in regard to that dream in a single year is humbling, overwhelming…oh heck, it’s just damn great!

With 2009 looming, I’m concentrating my efforts on keeping the ball rolling. Covert Lessons will be released at the end of January and Sugar and Spice is hitting the Ellora’s Cave website on April Fools Day. In addition, I’ve completed the sequel to S&S, Everything Nice and I’m currently working up the courage to submit it to my EC editor. I’m also putting the finishing touches on my first historical novel, No Recourse and I plan to submit it to my Samhain editor very soon.

While I believe we always hope each year will be better than the last, I can honestly say that 2008 will be a very hard year to top! I wish for all of you the same success in your chosen endeavors and every happiness in life. May you all be happy, healthy and surrounded constantly by those you love.

Happy New Year!

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  1. By Viv Arend on

    Can I still wish for you to have an even better year in 2009? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

    And can I hope that some of your skill rubs off on your friends and that 2009 for me-as I wait for MY first publication in March-will be as exciting and fulfilling as this past year for you?


    Happy New Year, Mari.

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