I bet you were thinking this blog was about anticipating the holidays…Nope! Bring ’em on–I’m ready. Pressies are wrapped and under the tree, house is decorated and clean and there is a definite feeling of snow in the air.

The truth is I’m relaxed when it comes to the holidays…but my writing? Um…not so much! I suppose I should just come out and admit that I’m an impatient writer. The wheels of the publishing world move very slowly and sometimes I feel as though I could jump out of my skin waiting for things to happen.

For example:

1. Covert Lessons won’t be released until Jan. 30. That’s like a whole month and a half away! Shoot if you really think about it (which I have), that’s not happening until NEXT year!

2. I turned in my cover art request for Sugar and Spice and I gotta tell you I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when the covers show up. Unfortunately, just like a child, the anticipation kills me!

3. I have finished the first round of edits on Sugar and Spice. If all goes well during the editor’s second run through (fingers crossed), she will submit the finished story to Ellora’s Cave, who will in turn issue a release date. I’m praying for March or early April.

4. I’ve completed the rewrites on my historical novel No Recourse and I’ve sent it off to my CPs for their insights. Once I’ve tweaked the story using their suggestions, it gets sent back to my Samhain editor and I chew my fingernails off waiting for her final decision. Nerve-wracking!

5. I’ve been working on the sequel to Sugar and Spice (a little story I’m calling Everything Nice). I’d written nearly 12,000 words when I realized it was too reliant on backstory, so last night I did a little plot cleaning. Darn thing is now 8,000 words, but it’s beginning to sparkle! Can’t wait to tell this story, but UNFORTUNATELY the day job keeps me hopping, so I really have to work to squeeze in some quality time with my laptop.

So while things may appear to be stagnant, I just wanted to let you all know I’m still plugging along here…impatiently!

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