I Love Your Blog!

My very dear friend and critique partner, Rhian Cahill recently gave me this little thing called an “I love your blog” award. Now, I will be the first to admit, she was just being nice. Anyone who visits this site regularly will tell you, I’m a LOUSY blogger…terrible…maybe the world’s worst! You want fiction–I’m your girl. Need someone to tell you a dirty story–sign me up. Expect me to write little tidbits about my daily life on a regular basis–nope–sorry–you are destined for disappointment. I like to say it’s because I’m too busy, but I’m afraid the reality of it is that I’m actually quite boring.

So I wanna say thank you to Rhian (a champion blogger) for her kindness and direct you her way. You can find her at www.rhiancahill.wordpress.com. Now she knows what blogging is all about!

Anybody else have a super blog address they’d like to share?

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Posted November 21, 2008 by Mari Carr in category "Uncategorized