Book-a-Week Contest!

I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in my book-a-week contest. Nearly 80 people entered!

I also want to remind everyone to check out The Samhellion website on Dec. 2. My holiday free read, Naughty is Nice will be featured that day.

The winner of a pdf copy of Erotic Research is Michelle B. Congrats Michelle!

The winner of a pdf copy of Kiss Me, Kate is Lindsey E. Congrats Lindsey! 

The winner of a pdf copy of Tequila Truth is Heather B. Congrats Heather!

The winner of a pdf copy of Retreat is Tamara B. Congrats Tamara!

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  1. By Theresa on

    I’d like to read Retreat becasue I love menage:-)


  2. By angie on

    gl with your 4th book and gl all that enter the contest

  3. By Audra Holtwick on

    I love free reads it has to be “Kiss Me Kate”

  4. By Dave Maynard on

    And here I thought that Tequila Truth was what happened after too much Jose Cuervo. I spoke briefly with you the other night. LOL

  5. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    Thanks to all who have replied so far! It’s been so nice to read your comments!

    Retreat is a red-hot menage, Theresa!
    I love the idea of hot librarians, Renee!
    And you can never have too much Jose Cuervo, Dave!

  6. By Tameka Green on

    All of the books sound great and I would enjoy winning any one of those books.

  7. By Cheree on

    I agree with Tameka, all the books sound really good. If I don’t win any of them, they will go on my to buy list.

  8. By Stephanie on

    Hmm, I think the cover to Tequila Truth has really grabbed…though that could be the Cuervo calling too LOL
    No really it’s Gorgeous and the story leaves the mind running wild!

  9. By smadar on

    all the books seem good reads, so anyone of them will be nice to get

  10. By Judith on

    Yum, what a great contest.
    It has to be Erotic Research for me please !

  11. By Cara on

    They all sound exciting! Please enter me for all books!

  12. By Greta on

    I only have one of your books – Tequilla Truth. So I would love to win any book you from you 🙂

  13. By Deidre on

    Please enter me for each, as I haven’t read any of these.


  14. By Julie on

    Whew, Mari! What a hot contest. They all sound really good, and since I haven’t read any of your writings, I say any of the 4 would be wonderful to win. But I’m fixing to remedy not having read your writing by downloading your free read offer. Thanks.
    OH, Plot wise, I like them in the order that you are giving them out, especially the first 3—E.R. being first, KMK being second, & Teq. Sunrise being 3rd. Actually Kiss Me Kate is a great plot. Julie

  15. By Debby Creager on

    I would love any one of them.

  16. By Maggie Johnson on

    I have Tequilla Truth and it was truly a awesome book!!! Please enter me in for the others.

  17. By Ashley Applebee on

    Sounds awesome!! All great books! Thanks for the contest Mari!!

  18. By Tameka Green on

    Well I’m back and I wonder Mari what genre do you like to read personally?

  19. By Mari Carr on

    Oooh Tameka–what a great question. Actually I’m a very predictable person–I love to read the same genres I write. Lora Leigh is a personal favorite as well as too, too many authors to list both from the Samhain and Ellora’s Cave sites, as well as from Loose ID. Aside from red-hot romances, I’m a librarian in a high school so I try to stay up on all the latest young adult books–I’m a ‘Twilight’aholic!

  20. By Caffey on

    Hi Mari! Just checking out your blog and books and am excited! Would love to be in the contest! I’ve always enjoyed finding new authors I haven’t read and didn’t realized I missed yours at EC. Nice meeting you!

    Here’s a fun question for you! What 3 authors, from the past or present, have inspired you in some way as becoming an author? If you could invite them to your home for dinner, what question would you have always wanted to ask them or say to them!

    I’m not an author but always thought of what it would be like meeting Jane Austin! I love historicals, especially the Regency times (love Medieval too) and all those society rules and all!

  21. By Tameka Green on

    Oh Mari! I love Lora Leigh that’s the author that got me hooked on Elloras Cave. I’ve read practically all her series Breed, Legacy ( I wonder when she’ll finish that series lol), Wizard Twins, Bound Hearts and Nautie Boys there are so much more I’ve read. And I also love Loose ID or the lizard as I like to call it. Me personally I love parnormal/ futuristic. But I’ll read anything as long as it has a great plot it could be action or just so funny that you can’t help but laugh to your self. The book has to move me and the sex scenes has to be just as great. I’m not talking about some of the scenes I’ve read that has a women twisted like a preztel, I don’t know what there doing. I mean some of the things I’ve read is just impossible. Lol

  22. By GrowlyCub on

    Darn, I missed ‘Erotic Research’! 🙁

    Could you please enter me for the other three titles. I’m intrigued! I love a good menage. 🙂

  23. By Reba Newman on

    Hi Mari..I can not wait to read Retreat..I have Kiss Me, Kate and Tequila Truth loaded on my e-reader and planned to get to them this week. I Love the cover of Tequila Truth.

  24. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    What lovely comments!

    Reba–I loved the cover of Tequila Truth too! Tuesday Dube was the cover artist and I swear I couldn’t take my eyes off of it when it popped into my inbox!

    Caffey–you’ve got me thinking with the three authors. Honestly, Diana Gabaldon was probably my main inspiration. I fell in love with Jamie in the Outlander books and the first book I wrote was a historical/time travel novel. It took a modern day heroine back to the regency period because I devour regency books — love Lisa Kleypas, Suzanne Enoch, Celeste Bradley and LOADS more. Lora Leigh turned me on to the erotic genre and after I read all of hers, I decided to give that a try. Erotic Research was the result! As for the third…JK Rowling! Good question!

  25. By Ms. Priss on

    I love all of the excerpts and won’t choose between them! LOL Your blog is very accessable too. Thanks for sharing.

  26. By Michelle B. on


    Thanks for Erotic Research…been meaning to get that one & now I have it.

    Happy November to you,

  27. By Michelle on

    sign me up for the retreat…. I have erotic research and tequilla truth and LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!!!!

    Mari- Lora Leigh is actually the author that turned me on to erotic romance as well. I love her books. I have all of Lisa Klepas, several of Celeste Bradley’s but haven’t really read Diana Gabaldon– I have the first book in her series but just haven’t tackled it yet. If you like historical fiction have you read Julie Garwood- her historical stuff is great (especcially if you like strong female characters) though her modern stuff is my favorite.

    Anyway just wanted to say “hi” — and keep up the great writing!


  28. By Mari Carr on

    Hi smadar–I put your name in the hat after your first comment. Thanks so much for visiting my site!

    Hiya Michelle–thanks for your kind words on ER and TT! I’ll have to give Julie Garwood a try.

  29. By Lora Leonard on

    I would like to enter the contest for
    Tequila Truth

  30. By Rhian Cahill on

    Look at the traffic going through here! You need to blog more often girl.
    Anyway, I’m emailing you about this as well because we both know you don’t come here often. LOL
    I tagged you for a really cool thing, go to my blog and check it out.

  31. By naughtyforgetmenotfairy on

    Am missing Retreat be nice to my bank account…lol!
    Besides Theresa cannot win it and then show off to me.

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