Tequila Truth was released today. It feels like a lifetime since I signed the contract, but it was certainly worth the wait. I’ve gotten some really lovely feedback from folks already and I can’t tell you how much their kind words mean to me. I’m still struggling to find my footing in this world of publishing and when readers offer such incredibly nice comments, it makes all the difference.

I’ve also received three reviews for TT (already!) and they were so, so, so nice, I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face ALL day.

Laura J. at The Good, The Bad, the Unread gave it an A grade and said, “I really didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this story, but whatever expectations I may have had Ms. Carr far exceeded them and has won over a new fan of her writing. She has written a very hot and steamy story, with fantastic characters and I will definitely be looking for more from her.”

Jambrea at Joyfully Reviewed says, “Tequila Truth made me drunk with happiness with none of the nasty hangover blues.  Oh, my God, Mari Carr knows how to write them hot and sexy. I loved this friendly threesome so much that I am Joyfully Recommending Tequila Truth and hope everyone takes a shot.”  

Rachel C. at Fallen Angels reviews says, “The sex is hot and the weekend might all be about fantasy but Ms. Carr weaves the emotions our three characters go through into every word, every touch and every breath. Tequila Truth delivers everything I love about erotic romance, a love story I want to be part of and sex hotter than any fantasy I could come up with.”

WOW! Aren’t those terrific? I’ve read them so many times I think I have them memorized!

It’s been a great Tuesday! Happy reading everyone!


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