I’ve just put my latest story to bed. It’s called Sugar and Spice and I have to say I’m amazed by how quickly this story evolved. The characters in the story wouldn’t rest until I’d gotten all the words out!The girls in my writing circle sort of dared me to try to write a BDSM/romantic comedy–yeah, that’s easy-NOT! But I gave it the old college try.

I thought I’d jot down where the inspiration for the story came from because I’m always curious about that when I read stories. Where did the author get the idea?

Sugar and Spice was actually inspired by some posts by a woman who belongs to the same yahoo group I do. She has a wickedly funny sense of humor and I’m constantly enthralled by her stories about her boss, whom she refers to as Alpha R. The man sounds like an absolute hoot. In one post, she talked about how her boss repeatedly walked into her office one day to sneak candy out of her desk. I started emailing my CP Rhian about how funny the Alpha R stories were and we sort of dared each other to write a Candyman story. Hence, Sugar and Spice was born.

In this novella, Ginny Brooks has grown up with Ryan Travers, who is not only her boss, but her best friend. She gets dumped on her birthday and her alpha friend decides to take her to a sex club to cheer her up. There’s lots of sex involved and plenty of candy is consumed as they struggle to come to terms with what happens the morning after…

The characters are funny and I’m absolutely in love with Travers. Of course, I’m always in love with my heroes. My husband’s most famous line, delivered in the midst of a spat, was “You know I can’t compete with a fictional character!” I’m afraid living with someone with an imagination like mine can’t be easy! Poor guy hangs in there though–always making me laugh!

Hope everyone is enjoying the return of cooler weather. I think autumn is one of my favorite seasons!

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  1. By Maggie Johnson on

    Sugar and Spice, Love the name,can’t wait to read it.

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