Here we go again!

Well, I’ve finished my latest story, UNDERCOVER. It’s a bit of a romantic comedy between an undercover police officer and a teacher–and it’s red, red hot! Check back later because I plan to put an excerpt up on this site very soon! The premise is that due to escalating problems with gangs in the high school, the principal brings in a gang task force to try and crack down on fights, graffiti and drug sales. Mac is assigned to go ‘undercover’ in Kelly Finch’s English classroom under the guise of student teacher. Of course, she doesn’t want him there and the sparks fly. I’ve submitted it to Samhain, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

COMMITMENT, my other completed manuscript, has been rejected by Samhain. The editor offered some very constructive and helpful advice, which I intend to use to make the story stronger. Then I just have to get my courage up to submit it elsewhere–I think the first stop will be Ellora’s Cave and if that falls through, I’ll rewrite AGAIN and try Loose ID. COMMITMENT is a complete departure my usual lighthearted, fun pieces and is much darker. It is a menage a trois story involving stepbrothers and the woman they love. The brothers were raised in a cult and both suffer tremendous guilt over the part they played in the cult’s illicit practices.  It’s about forgiveness and the idea that love can heal even the deepest wounds. My very sweet CP, Rachel is giving it a ‘going over’ now.

Other than that, I’m due to start working on edits on TEQUILA TRUTH, I’m anticipating cover art for TT and KISS ME, KATE any day now and when my Ellora’s Cave editor returns from vacation, we’re set to begin rewrites on KMK. In addition to that, I’m using my summer to clean my entire house from top to bottom and I plan to start (and maybe even finish) the sequel to KISS ME, KATE.  The tentative title is THREE REASONS WHY. After that, I think I’m going to try my hand at westerns–I’ve got this idea for a trilogy bouncing around in my head!

And……………….the last installment of MAD ABOUT MEG will be up this weekend! Phew!

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  1. By Rhian Cahill on

    Hey Mari!
    Yes I’m giving COMMITMENT a going over. I’m thinking we’ll be whippin’ it into shape in no time.
    I’m thinking about whippin’ you into shape to blog more often too. I think my big boots are enough to boot you in the ass and get you movin’.
    Love ya!

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