So, basically in the world of writing, I think I’ve learned that nothing ever stays the same.  My Samhain editor has made a very good observation during the editing of TEQUILA TRUTH and I think we’re going to make a big change–the heroine’s name.  Drew, she astutely pointed out, is typically a male name.  Given the fact, the story involves a menage a trois, having three characters with ‘boy names’ made the story a bit difficult to follow.  I’ve suggested some alternatives–Kylie is my favorite (due to the plotline, I needed a girl name that was a bit boyish).  I’ll let you know what the winner is!  Gonna feel strange though–it’s a bit like changing your daughter’s name when she’s five!  I’ll never remember her name now!

Also, I’ve just been e-mailing my editor at Ellora’s Cave (she’s hysterical) and she offered some very good news for the world’s most impatient writer (aka me).  If all goes well, KISS ME, KATE could come out as early as September (and yes, I mean this year!).  I’m still dancing a bit of a jig just thinking about it!

So that’s my excitement for this rainy Saturday–yep, we’ve got thunderstorms in Virginia!  Hope all of you are basking in sunshine, wherever you may be.

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  1. By Fee on

    Basking in sunshine-I went one step further and baked in sunshine 🙂

    Good call on the name. As a reader it does get confusing when unisex names are used and I find myself rereading the page to figure out who’s doing what even when it isn’t a menage.

    Woohoo for Kiss me, Kate in Spetember! That’s fantastic!

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