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I have to admit in the world of yahoo groups, I am a veritable babe.  I’d never heard of them until Samhain bought my first book and now I’m a member of ten of them.  I have to admit, I love the groups.  It’s kind of fun to lurk in the shadows and ‘people watch’, which I confess, I am prone to do.  It took me ages to get up the courage to actually post something and then I kept checking back to see if anyone responded (I know, I was so naive!). 

I did start my own yahoo group on the advice of my Samhain editor and I’m proud to say it has 6 members.  Of course, one of those is me and I think at least three of them are Rachel and her split writing personalities (tee hee)! 

If you’re looking for a silly, fun, slightly crazy group to join, come on over.  Clearly, we have plenty of room and we do have a good laugh!  The address is

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  1. By Rachel C on

    I’m offended!
    I’ll have you know it’s only two!
    I think…..
    Off to check.

  2. By Rhian on

    Yep, two!
    So there! (picture me blowing a raspberry at you)
    I’ve got enough fun in me for two, I don’t see the problem here. LOL

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